Our most popular family tub. Stress reduction, quality time with friends and family, excellent for birthdays (especially children - no hard surfaces or obstacles to harm), anniversaries, a special weekend at home. The spacious interior provides soothing, luxurious comfort with open, barrier-free seating to allow unlimited positioning for serene relation or stimulating message. Measuring 6 1/2 feet across and 30 inches high holding 300 gallons of water and weighing only 85 lbs empty this tub is totally portable. No yard is impossible with this tub. No special access is required, we go over walls and fences. May be placed on any flat surface anywhere. Rentals begin at $359 for 24 hours, $399 for two days, $439 for three days. The electric heater requires 24 hours to heat the tub, so we deliver 24 hours early so the tub is hot.