We rent family Softubs and water baptismal tubs in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Safe distance rules apply, so tubs should only be used with the family that you live with. Currently our party trailer tubs are not available. Texting is the fastest way to communicate 403 861 2358 / Ron. When texting please let us know the dates you are thinking about so that we can check for availability.  A Softub when used, slowly looses its heat, it doesn't have high energy heaters like a party tub. A family can use it for a few hours, as it looses heat turn off the air which cools the tub and use the lid as a half lid if there are only a few people in the tub. If required the start temperature can be set at 106 F (usual temperature is 104 F).

Everyone dreams of a personal hot tub…think about it. How many times have you heard someone (perhaps yourself) say, “When we get some extra cash, we’re going to put a hot tub in.” Stop in at any home show, and try to beat your way through the throngs to even get a peek at the new models.

Definitely considered a luxury, and rightfully so. Sliding into those bubbling waters of relaxation after a hard day at work seems like a daydream. Gathering your friends and family for a barbeque and hot tub is an invitation everyone RSVPs. Simply because it is an invitation to FUN!

Why wait until you can afford to buy a hot tub…rent one instead! Rub a Dub Rent A Tub brings the backyard vacation to you! You can rent a tub for the day or weekend…even longer depending on your needs as Rub a Dub offers great weekly rates as well.

Rub A Dub delivers hot tubs that range from the 4 person “second honeymoon …the kids are away model” to a 20 person “Bring the whole team home” trailer mounted tub. The smaller ones are portable for hard to get to locations however the larger one will need their own parking space!
Check your calendar. Do you have company coming, a kid’s birthday, graduation, promotion or retirement parties, an anniversary, staff parties or company function? Make the event memorable, casual and FUN with a rental from Rub a Dub Rent A Tub.