4 Person SOFTUBS

This tub is excellent for a smaller party. No room outside; move this tub inside. Measuring 6 feet across and 27 inches high holding 220 gallons of water and weighing only 65 lbs empty this tub goes virtually anywhere. Hydrotherapy, relief from arthritic pain, great for soothing strained muscles and for providing an intimate setting for four! Powerful hydro jets are strategically positioned around the interior of the tub for exhilarating, churning jet action. Rentals begin at $329 for 24 hours, extra days are $30/day, week rate is $475, additional weeks $200, month rate is $800, second month 1/2 price. This year for no extra charge ($85 value) we will use our instant hot water heater so your event will begin as soon as the hot tub is full (1 1/2 hours). Chemical & operating instructions